Monday, March 28, 2011

Masters Of Horror: Sick Girl - 4/5

Directed By Lucky McKee (known for "May")

Despite some reluctance towards self confidence, Ida (Bettis) decides to face the sketching girl in the hall and ask her out. She's afraid that her job as a 'bug scientist' and her pets at home will scare her off. Her new unknown specimen seems to be very aggressive, you know. Lucky for her, this new girlfriend is thrilled by the idea and soon they hit it off and are living together. When her girlfriend starts showing strange personality changes, Ida begins to suspect her new insect might have something to do with it.

Lucky McKee burst onto the scene with his dark, often humorous, and stellar "May" but has seemingly done little since then. Thusly, having an episode of "Masters Of Horror" is quite a treat and he does wonders with it. Often coming off as Cronenbergian with its parallel human psychology and its physical horror, "Sick Girl" is a demented and darkly funny episode that hits all the right spots when its on. It might be a little too over the top for its own good with its caricature like lead and oddly paced style for it to be perfect (in all honesty, most of this is due to its limited run time and would have been gloriously fleshed out in full length film I believe), but "Sick Girl" likes to pair its colors thick with special effects and clever dialogue. It has its tongue firmly planted in cheek for the most part and its this fun aspect of it that really balances the serious human de-evolution nicely. It's expertly executed on most fronts and one of my favorites from season one.

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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