Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seedpeople - 1.5/5

I can't really bitch too much about a movie called Seedpeople. With that title and poster artwork you gotta know that you're going into a cheesy monster movie. The question is how cheesy and does it transcends into the "so bad it's good" category. Well, it's close, but it's just a seedling away.

The film not surprisingly is a complete rip-off of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (pick which ever version you want) about some comets (that end up being giant seeds) that crash lands near a small town. The alien seeds which begin to sprout into large flowers that have pulsating "vagina" like parts that spew gallons "semen" all over unlucky folks that come near them. I'm not kidding as the special effects guys went all out to make this thing look sexual, so much that the "semen" spewing actually made me a little nauseous. After getting hit with the white goo, people emerge as little fanged monsters that have the incredible ability to morph from human to monster in a split second (what I don't get is when they morph into humans they somehow also morph into clothes). A geologist comes to town to study the meteors finds the comets to be seeds and a young girl at the bed and breakfest he's staying at starts noticing changes in local townfolk. Soon he catches on and he has to stop the spread of the seeds before they...dun, dun, dunnn.... TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Everything cliché about monster movies and paranoia is thrown in here. We even get the predicable love triangle aspect! The film also rips off Invasion of the Body Snatchers so much that it even has the people taken over show NO emotion. COME ON! You might as well called it BODY SNATCHERS CASH-IN for Christ sake! Our little fanged monsters are also each unique and with names to match: Shooter, Tumbler, and Sailor. This is no doubt a marketing campaign by producer Charles Band to maybe try to sell some merchandise like his other films. Sadly Seedpeople wasn't that popular even with the Full Moon Entertainment crowd so no merchandise or sequels would follow.

This is hokey beyond belief but sadly it just doesn't quit transcend that barrier of "so bad, it's good" category and it just ends up being bad. I still didn't find it a waste of time as it does entertain just enough to keep attention but I only recommend this feature to the most die hard Charles Band/Full Moon fanatic. A definite step below director Peter Manoogian's earlier schlocky classic Demonic Toys.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

Seedpeople Trailer

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