Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mummy's Ghost, The - 2/5

This third chapter into our "epic" story of the Mummy Kharas (fourth overall in Universal's Mummy Pentalogy) has our mummy lives... yet again! Our mummy's keeper trains another protégé (due to the death of the greedy bastard in The Mummy's Tomb) this time in the form of cult actor John Carradine. Since our Mummy pretty much killed everyone that defiled his princess's tomb in the last film, he tells Carradine of the new mummy mission, to find the soul of Kharis lover Princess Anaka. See apparently Princess Anaka's soul has been reincarnated in the soul of a Egyptian college student and the mummy shambles across campus to kidnap her thwarting the concerned boyfriend and professor that seems to be an expert on the mummy events of the previous two films.

The good about this film...well how about no stock footage! Finally a whole 1 hour and 1 minute of completely new material! The editing is also a little more smooth than the clunky second film. The bad about this film is exactly the same of the previous films....shoddy production values! Universal, despite having success with the previous entries, still gives the film no budget and it looks like another quickly made cash grabber. The continuity is another problem that plagues these films. Kharis got burnt to a crisp at the end of each film previously and he always returns, freshly wrapped like nothing happened! Grrr. The news paper headline scene transitions are also starting to wear a little thin.

If you made it through "The Mummy's Hand" and "The Mummy's Tomb" and you have returned for "The Mummy's Ghost", then you need not to expect anything new. It's the same old B-movie production about a shambling Mummy on the loose that barely runs over an hour long. If you want good horror with meaning then you should not look for the Kharis Mummy sequels for fulfillment. People following the story will finally find a wrap-up in the next film "The Mummy's Curse."

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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