Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloodfist V: Human Target - 2.5/5

Well I just got back from the hospital. Apparently I had an aneurysm after the Bloodfist V end credits rolled. The doctor said I was lucky to be alive and that there was really no good explanation for the cause of aneurysms. I beg to differ. I knew exactly what caused my aneurysm...Bloodfist V. Not for being bad but for actually being decent. My brain just could not handle the fact that there could actually be two decent entries into the Bloodfist franchise (in a row no less!) so it just overloaded and almost left me dead.

I'm still shocked as this fifth entry is almost as good as Bloodfist IV. Like the previous two sequels again the film is completely unrelated to the other films. This time we have Don "The Dragon" Wilson waking up from a coma not knowing who he is. He is greeted by his "girlfriend" (none other than Denise "Subspecies Sequels" Duff). While taking him "home" they get chased down by guys with machine guns. Apparently Wilson's has a questionable past but was he a good guy or a bad guy? We then find out that Denise Duff is a whore hired to act as his girlfriend. The best part of the film though is that Steve fucking James plays her pimp. Remember Steve James? He played the sidekick in some of the best B-action films ever made: American Ninja, American Ninja 2: The Confrontation, Avenging Force, The Delta Force and Hero and the Terror just to name a few. This guy is major bad ass and his presence in any B-action film is greatly appreciated.

This is when the plot does a whole lot twists and turns. Wilson is then kidnapped by the FBI and says he works for them, he is then kidnapped by the bad guys and is said to work for them, and vice versa. Characters return throughout the film first playing a bad guys, then good guys, and vice versa. There are actually so many twists and turns I actually got a little tired of it by the end. MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND he good or is he bad!

Despite perhaps having too many twists, the film ends up being a decent B-action movie...especially by Bloodfist film standards! The acting is decent and the direction is adequate. Other than the entertaining awfulness of the first film, Bloodfist IV and V end up being king of the pack in this overly long series.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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