Sunday, May 23, 2010

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare - 1.5/5

It was pretty obvious with "5" that the series was running low on steam and low on ideas as with most Horror franchises that run that long. Thusly, as with many of these franchises, the "Nightmare" series decided to take a more comical tone to its liking and thusly we have was was supposed to be the final film of the series "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare".

So naturally with the nonsensical ending to the fifth entry, this film doesn't even try to come up with anything clever to bring Freddy back. Its just set into the future a bit and all of the teens and children of Springwood are dead and their parents driven insane from Freddy's killing spree. One teen is left alive and sent out to retrieve Freddy's long lost daughter so that he would be able to leave the confines of the town he was burned in and take his rampage elsewhere. Of course, with the help of a few friends (including a dream expert played by Yaphet Kotto, fuck yea!) they finally scheme a way to take down Kruger once an for all (again).

Now I won't lie to you and say that time one makes much more sense than the last few. Cause really, it doesn't. This one just happens to not care so much and has fun with it, which is actually somewhat of an improvement. This is also the reason this film doesn't work either. Although by this time I'm not expecting these films to follow any sort of logic, you should be used to that now. But its this weird sense of Looney Tunes type humor in the film that makes it tough to watch. Although at times the humor does work (following up the usual quote about the horrors of sleep to open the film with a Freddy quote taken from the third film "Welcome to the prime time, bitch!" has to throw a smile on your face) more often than not it just fails...and miserably at that. It tries too hard to be serious and give depth to a story that is already getting too ridiculous and at other times it almost seems to parody itself. Its a mix that doesn't work. Had they gone with a darker toned humor instead of slapstick and focused on bringing back more of the scary aspects to counterbalance the humor than it would have worked but it doesn't. And this film just seems to start with a massive FAIL stamped on its forehead.

Throw on top of that a cast one could care less about and less than impressive special effects that the series is known for and "Freddy's Dead" doesn't make the cut either. Not to mention that the gimmicky 3D bull shit is thrown in at the end (even the characters in the film have to wear the glasses...yeah...not kidding) and this film just smacks too much of trying way too hard at times.

I have to give "Freddy's Dead" that it was at least far more fun than the last couple and that it does have one or two solid moments ("Every town has an Elm street") but the film either needed to decide to be all out funny or take it serious. Neither of which happen and it cuts its own throat because of this.

BONUS RANT: This film has one of the worst and most pointless cameos of all time. Rosanne Bar and Tom Arnold make appearances as two crazy adults in Springfield. As if the storyline element that all the adults seems to go crazy was enough, they throw those two in there to make one want to just turn off the film instantly. Then of course, the entire concept that the world just ignores that all of these teens and children die or go missing in this ONE TOWN is absurd. Even worse is the fact that they try to explain it by saying that Freddy is able to make the world forget that these poor children even existed....which makes not a lick of fucking sense since the rest of the series NEVER ADHERES TO THIS IDEA. Alright series, I'm sucking on the barrel of a gun here trying to even comprehend how you thought this was a good idea. And it looks like you aren't going to talk me out of it. Luckily, this is essentially the last of the series so they don't try to have to explain that one (the rest are more or less spin offs or remakes at this point). 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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