Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frankenhooker - 3/5

Bill Murray is quoted with saying "If you only see one movie this year, it should be Frankenhooker" when this film fist came out. If it's okay in Bill Murray's Book, then it's okay in mine!

Here we have a brilliant young man who's fiancé dies in a tragic lawnmower accident (!?!) at the beginning of the film. He ends up sneaking here heart away and comes up with a brilliant scheme to bring her back to life with body parts of, who else, hookers. Hookers go missing every night so no one will miss them! Well he creates a drug that causes the addict to explode, however it's not in typical bloody Hennenlotter fashion as they just comically explode in a shower of sparks. He gets a gathering of hookers together in order for them to use the drug. He has second thoughts but hookers dig into the super crack anyway and in an outrageous sequence they begin bursting all over the place. He then uses the parts and brings his fiancé back to life only she has the urge to start being a prostitute again. She escapes to start walking the streets for clients and literally make their sparks fly.

Frankenhooker is the third film by director Frank Hennenlotter and by the title one can easily see he's swayed from the horror genre more into the comedy genre. Even though it's more of a comedy I still had a great time as the characters are quirky and bizarre, especially Patty Mullen as our zombie hooker. She got a smile to crack across my face numerous times especially when she says the line "You wanna date?" to various guys on the street. Her appearance is also memorable with her pale head and tan torso. Funny stuff.

Though I found this film to be an amusing good time, I missed the gritty nastiness and horror elements of Frank Hennenlotter's previous genre classics Basket Case and Brain Damage. However Frankenhooker is still undeniably a Hennenlotter film due to its crude, sometimes perverse humor and violent anti-drug message. What also interesting is how this film came to be. Director Frank Hennenlotter was in meeting with potential producer James Glickenhaus when Glickenhaus asked Hennlotter what ideas he had for films. Hennenlotter did not go into the meeting with any ideas and not wanting to pass up this grand opportunity he came up with the plot to Frankenhooker on the spot. Glickhause loved the idea and signed Hennenlotter to a two picture deal, first being Frankenhooker and of course the obligatory sequel Basket Case 2.

Fans of Hennenlotter's previous films Basket Case and Brain Damage need to go into this film not expecting the same bloody carnage. It's more of a comedy but it's still an outrageous entertaining ride that only the likes of Hennenlotter could cultivate.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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