Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloodfist VII: Manhunt - 1.5/5

Let's play a game. The game is to guess what film this Bloodfist sequel will rip-off. We've done Kickboxer, Enter the Dragon, Long Kiss Goodnight, and even Die Hard. Well judging from the subtitle "Manhunt" a good guess would be The Fugitive. Yes this time Don Wilson is on the run from the law in order to clear his name and another in-name-alone sequel begins.

The reason he is on the run is he rescued a beautiful woman from a gang at a random bar he stopped at. To reward him she takes him to bed but he awakens to find a murder and the law on his tail. Instead of Tommy Lee Jones as the cop after him we get Steven "21 Jump Street" Williams. Williams does bring the quality up a bit in this extremely derivative film.

On his way to clear his name we get involved in a tedious web of police corruption. There is some action but it is few and far between and like expected there is even less kickboxing action then the last film. After Bloodfist VI the series could go only get better and it does but the film is this just so damn forgettable. There are much better b-grade action films as opposed to this, but like me there are other people out there hell-bent on seeing every one of these damn Bloodfist films.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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