Sunday, May 9, 2010

FleshEater: Revenge of the Living Dead - 1/5

Do you know the name Bill Hinzman? No? Well if you're a horror fanatic you probably recognize his face as it is burned in the annals of horror history. He played the cemetery zombie (the first zombie) in Night of the Living Dead. FleshEater is the direct result of that role he played and Hinzman decides to squeeze some quick cash out of eager horror fans blindly going into this film expecting another Night of the Living Dead.

A couple of hunters discover a buried coffin deep in a forest. Ignoring the warning inscribed on the box, they open to find Hinzman, looking a tad more wrinkled than he did in Romero's classic film. He kills the hunters and starts spreading his contagion throughout the countryside, starting with a group of teens partying nearby.

I am all for low budget horror films. My all time favorite horror films tend to be made by novices with a show-string budget (The Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw, etc). The difference is those films were made with heart. This film is just a shameless cash-in and is one of the most poorly filmed movies I have ever seen. Hinzman, who also directs, gives absolutely no style behind the camera. It's just point and shoot. The acting is beyond awful. I don't expect great acting in a low budget horror film but this is just a joke. The only thing this film has going for it is some creative gore sequences otherwise this was an extremely trying horror film experience.

Hinzman was desperate for money and he decided to exploit his image from Night of the Living Dead to make this hunk of junk. This artless zombie flick will make you appreciate your fast forward feature on your DVD player remote. The best part was the god damn title sequence. That's just fucking pathetic when the title sequence shows more creativity than the rest of the damn movie. Skip it unless you're the most forgiving zombie film fan.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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