Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out - 1.5/5

Well I finally made it , the final Bloodfist film to star Don "The Dragon" Wilson. I just find it amazing how many types of characters Wilson played through-out this series. He played a kickboxer in the first two films, a prisoner in the third, a repo man in the fourth, a amnesia victim in the fifth, a MP soldier in the sixth and a fugitive in the seventh. Well this eighth and final time we have Wilson playing a...high school teacher (?). Ok his character is a little more interesting that that as he is a high school teacher that's an ex-special forces agent.

Right away it's easy to see the filmmakers are trying to take this entry extra seriously. Even the trailer makes it look overly serious. Right away this a bad move as Don Wilson, though he seems like a nice guy in real life, just doesn't have the acting talent to make a serious, emotional "action" film. Like I mentioned before he's a high school teacher who is having relationship issues with his son. That is until a team of assassins sent by an old enemy show up and mow down Wilson's house with machine guns. He goes to his old boss for protection but like any action fan can predict, assassins still track him down, kidnap his son and it's up to Wilson to get him back.

For Wilson's final film in the series this was just lame. Everything about this film is forgettable. The first couple of films in the series were awful but at least they were fun. Hell I forgot about this film before it was even over. Though the film was only 85 minutes it felt like 160. The series should have died long ago and this should have been the final nail in the Bloodfist coffin but New Corcorde pictures forged on making Bloodfist 2050 without Don "The Dragon" Wilson.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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