Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rage: Carrie 2, The - 2/5

When The Rage: Carrie 2 came out when I was in high school I remember being pissed off that it even existed. How dare the filmmakers try to make a cash-in pointless 23 year later sequel to a horror classic. My girlfriend at the time even wanted to go to theaters to see it but thankfully I talked her out of it. It took me 11 years to finally sit down and view this insult and I only viewed it because I got the film for free in a Carrie DVD pack.

The film opens with some mother going completely bonkers and her child using ESP powers to escape. We can safely guess this little girl is going to have the same powers as Carrie. Flash-forward and we find the girl is a teenager, living with a foster family and not surprisingly she just doesn't seem to fit in at school. The school councilor (played by Amy Irving, the only returning character from the original Carrie) notices she has special powers and goes behind her back only to find out that she has the same father as Carrie and is in a race to stop her before she also loses her temper. In the mean time nice jock Jason London falls for her and asks her to a party after a football game. Predictably some self-centered bitches and jocks have other plans and our new Carrie, named Rachel, loses her temper and causes a bloodbath.

Like I expected this is nothing different than the slew of other poor horror films to infect infected theaters in the wake of Scream. If you removed the subtitle "Carrie 2" this film would blend in with such horror drek as Disturbing Behavior and Urban Legend. As a matter of fact I believe MGM wanted to remake Carrie but thanks to Scream making references to classic horror films they decided to make a "sequel" with very weak connections to the original. Though actress Amy Irving returns from the first film her character seems to be added as an afterthought and its embarrassing to see her character meander through the film only to meet and pointless, insulting demise. The film also makes it seem that all teenagers are selfish bitches and assholes and that all men are interested in nothing more than sex. The one thing I can give the film credit for is making Rachel's character different than Sissy Spacek's Carrie. This girl isn't shy, just different and is able to stand-up for herself.

If it weren't for the title this pointless sequel would have been forgotten but thanks to its link to a much better classic horror film it will always be remembered. God-forbid if you like late 90's horror crap with selfish, self-important characters then you might like this film but for fans of the classic original then this will come out being nothing more than an insult.

Bonus Rant: What the fuck is up with Rachel's tattoo? When she loses her temper at the party the tattoo grows to cover her body with vines. Was this an attempt to make her more look more threatening? I'm not sure but whatever the point was it just came out idiotic.

Written By Eric Reifschneider

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