Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Masters Of Horror: Fair Haired Child - 4/5

Director: William Malone (famous for "Feardotcom", "House On Haunted Hill (1999)", and "Creature")

When a young girl, Tara, is kidnapped by a crazed couple. She is held hostage in the basement with no idea what they have taken her for or with any hope of escape. Befriending an odd boy named Johnny (who she discovers trying to kill himself), the two unlikely friends uncover a larger plan for the crazed couple to resurrect their dead boy using some black magic. With a mysterious creature hunting her down and her life on the line, Tara must come to terms with life, death, and guilt before she is able to go free.

"Fair Haired Child" might not be the most realistic episode of the first season of "Masters Of Horror", but be damned if it isn't one of the best. Although it seems ridiculously far fetched at times, its presentation in an almost modern HP Lovecraftian manner creates for some great suspense and an intriguing story that will have you guessing and bewildered to the very end (of where there is a bad ass twist to it that gave this rating at least half a star more). With some solid acting all around, with the MVP award going to the young boy playing Johnny, and a sick and twisted use of modern Horror directing from the rogue William Malone, "Fair Haired Child" is easily one of the best.

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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