Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fear Itself: Chance - 2.5/5

Director: John Dahl (famous for "Joy Ride")

When a shady antique dealer swindles a desperate man, Chance, in need of some money, he finds himself falling prey to his own anger at the situation. He accidentally kills the antique dealer and soon the situation spirals out of control. When a doppelganger appears of him and spurs on the insanity, Chance seems to only have himself to blame.

Although the concept for this episode seems quite fitting for this watered down Horror anthology series, it comes off as just plain boring. The potential for doppelganger interaction can be quite fun and disturbing and never does the episode utilize this. With only some average performances for our actors and a story line that slowly unravels to present us with nothing all that spectacular, “Chance” comes off as a filler episode that never lives up to its potential. It has some nice tense moments, but most of it definitely makes the episode feel like it’s made for TV rather than the high-end quality we come to expect from these series. “Chance” is good, but rarely high quality.

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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