Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frozen (2010) - 4.5/5

Well, Adam Green does it again. With "Hatchet" he showed the world that he could do campy Horror with glee and pure delight. With "Spiral" he showed the world that he could do an effectively directed Thriller with atmosphere to spare. Now with "Frozen" he shows that he can combine the two into a realistic and horrifying tale. Although simple at its core, this film effectively distributes a whopping amount of fear and tension into its audience, which is what makes the film so damn impressive.

A couple and their friend (Bell, Zegers, and Ashmore) go for a nice ski trip away from the flurries of their everyday lives. But when some confusion at slopes leaves the three stranded on a ski lift alone and awaiting the mountain resort to reopen after a storm, they find themselves stranded and in desperate need of help. With the brutal cold sapping the life out of them, the height preventing their trek down hill, and some damn hungry wolves awaiting their next meal, these young folk are in for a hell of a survival lesson.

So honestly, the concept of this film is so simple and straightforward, one would only have to wonder how they could pull off an hour and a half film about this situation. Not only does the cast and crew of "Frozen" pull it off, but they do it will some damn style too. Throughout this 'survival' flick, I was completely on the edge of my seat even though it was pretty easy to see what was coming. The plot does do some pretty 'oh yeah, really?' moments for the sake of making it exciting or getting the plot moving forward, but overall it works like a well oiled machine. These moments only heighten the tension and atmosphere and that worked for "Frozen".

Of course, the execution of this film is also top notched. The three protagonists of this film (with the antagonist role being played by the situation - not that guy from Jersey Shore) are insanely believable in their portrayals. They made me feel so cold I had to get a blanket while watching the movie. Particular nod goes to Emma Bell who nails her role. Look to see her continue working in our beloved genre with roles in Green's upcoming "Hatchet II" and "Final Destination 5" which makes me excited.

Of course, I have to also praise one of my new favorite director's Adam Green. His writing, giving our protagonists enough back-story and chemistry to make us care about their survival, and his directing highhandedly make "Frozen" worth watching. Normally a film like this would work as a short film or perhaps an episode of "Twilight Zone" but Green's abilities not only make it work for an hour and half but make it work well. Another great film to add to his catalog.

"Frozen" may not be a perfect film, but its a damn slick Thriller/Horror that will make you think twice about going skiing. It works way better than a synopsis would lead you to believe. With solid execution both in front of the camera and behind, this is a damn fine film. Worth the purchase definitely. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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  1. I did "wonder how they could pull off an hour and a half film about this situation" and I was pleasantly surprised they did. Although I would have liked it even better if the characters had planned their escape. I made a little remake of the movie, a short 3d animation. If you like, you can see it here: Hope you enjoy it.