Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bloodfist II - 1/5

Due to the tremendous success of Bloodfist, thousands upon thousands of fans demanded another chapter into the saga. Too many questions and emotional ties were left without answers and fans were begging for more. Roger Corman finally gave into the demands and unleashed Episode II of the Bloodfist legacy only a year after the first film.

To be honest though, despite the fact that Don "The Dragon" Wilson returns as his character Jake Raye from the first film, this doesn't feel like a sequel. He may have the same name but his character seems completely different. We no longer have the shy, apprehensive kickboxer. This time we have an arrogant ass that doesn't want to be bothered. They could have called this film any other title and it wouldn't have mattered. Ironically though this is the only sequel of the entire franchise that has "connection" to the first film as Wilson again plays Jake Raye.

Since this is a Roger Corman production and a Bloodfist film, you got to know that the plot is going to be a knock-off of a more popular film. This time it rips-off none other than Enter the Dragon.

The film opens with Wilson in bed with a whore when he gets a call from his best friend who needs help. Wilson, after getting in a badly acted pissed off argument with his friend then heads down to the Philippines...again. I don't know but if I was a vacationer I would stay far away from that country as it only seems that people get killed or kidnapped down there. Soon after arriving he, not surprisingly, gets kidnapped. This sequence has a scene where a kid kicks a soccer ball into the face of Don Wilson. I found that very funny. Low-brow humor but funny. I even saw a freeze frame of this scene of his head getting kicked as Don Wilson's picture profile on wikipedia for a while. Sadly Wikipedia didn't find the screen shot so funny and it was removed.

After being kidnapped he, and about two dozen other fighters, are taken to a secret island and forced to take part in do-or-die matches. The film rips off Enter the Dragon so much that if you haven't seen that movie and have seen Bloodfist II, you might as well say you've seen Enter the Dragon. Every major note in that film is touched upon here. As a matter of fact if you haven't seen Enter the Dragon, please do so before viewing Bloodfist II. You'll thank me later.

As a sequel to a film called Bloodfist you get exactly what you expect...another bad kickboxing film. Were you expecting anything else? On a technical level I would say this is a better film than the first as it flows a little smoother but it's just not as entertaining in a B-grade way.

Written By: Eric Reifschneider

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