Monday, April 26, 2010

American Samurai - 1/5

Since Cannon films pretty much ran the Ninja craze into the ground (especially after the rather dismal American Ninja 5), they decided to exploit another Asian icon, the Samurai. Here we get David Bradley (American Ninja 3-5) playing, oh my gosh, an American Samurai! When he was a baby his parents plane crash-lands somewhere in Asia where he is found and raised by a Samurai and in turn is taught the Samurai fighting style. Sounds like "American Ninja" you say? You betcha! His 'adoptive' father is even the same actor that played Michael Dudikoff's 'adoptive' father in American Ninja! While growing up, his 'step-brother' gets jealous because his father gains more of a liking for Bradley and a blood feud occurs. Sounds like "The Octagon" you say? You betcha! When Bradley grows up and moves to L.A., a string of bizarre murders in Turkey garner his attention as they feature his brother's signature cut. He travels to turkey with an annoying "photographer" (who his very attractive) to hunt him down. He gets caught and is forced to join in a "fight to the death" tournament. Sounds like "Bloodsport" you say? You betcha!

As you can tell there isn't much originality in this movie but you shouldn't expect there to be. The story rips off countless other Cannon and Martial Arts pictures. Bradley gives his usual stiff performance and the love scene between him and the women photographer has to be one of the most "awkward" love scenes ever filmed with body doubles. Even though this film is "supposed" to be bad, it still falls way below other great bad "cannon" fodder like American Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja (those two also directed by B-movie veteran Sam Firstenberg). Only for the most die-hard Cannon film fans or the most forgiving martial arts fans.

Written by: Eric Reifschneider

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