Friday, January 22, 2010

Moon - 5/5

When looking at the world of science fiction, you see two sides to the coin. Movies like "Transformers 2" and movies like "Moon". Both are considered part of the same genre, and yet, at their core they are essentially complete and utter opposites. Which is where my love of "Moon" begins.

This is what science fiction should be. Thought provoking studies of the world and the human condition done through fantastical elements that make us chew on some of the atrocities and beauties of who we are and the world in which we live. "Moon" does just that. Through a tale of a lone man stationed on the Moon to harvest a new type of energy for the good ole home planet, we get to see him degrade and question 'what is human' when he has a horrid accident while on a routine maintenance. This accident forces him to find a truth he was never supposed to see and face himself in multiple ways.

The best part about "Moon" is the fact that we watch Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell essentially by himself in an enclosed environment for almost 2 hours and its engaging as hell. He has to carry this heavy (and very depressing film) on his skinny shoulders for almost the entire film with only himself and his handy helping machine Gerdy (voiced by Kevin Spacey) as initial interactions. Rockwell does the job swimmingly well and we are both intrigued and horrified by the multiple sides of the character we see. He is the heart and soul of this film and gives it justice.

Granted, Rockwell does have a massively impressive script and insanely good director to help him out. Even without extensive dialogue, what is there is clever, well written, and well delivered. It's so good that even you start feeling friendship and love for Gerdy which is a feat in itself. The visual style is also just as impressive even in its simplicity. There isn't a whole lot of in your face striking shots going on, but its subtlety only enhances the film with its insane detail and edge. With writing and directing like this, its hard to fall short.

"Moon" is what science fiction should be. It's one of the best sci fi films I've seen since "Sunshine". It's riveting with performances, visuals, and general solid writing. Any fan of the genre or amazing films should check this out. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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