Friday, January 22, 2010

Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh - 2.5/5

"Swallow your horror and let it nourish you. Come with me and sing the song of misery. Share my world!" --Candyman

The first film has always appeared underrated in my eyes, and so is the second one for the most part. Yeah, its not near as classic as the first one (which sequel in a Horror franchise is anymore) but it does have quite a few things going for it...and quite a few things that hinder it. So it ends up being a pretty solid sequel but nothing too spectacular.

This film has to do with a 'cursed' family living in New Orleans as they discover their linkage to the Candyman fiasco and urban legend. So during Mardi Gras (of course, why the hell not have pointless nudity?!) shit hits the fan as our heroine decides to finish his hook ass off once and for all.

I kind of got the vibe that the first "Candyman" was supposed to end the Candyman curse at the end, but since this fur coat wearing slasher is powered by fear and rumor - it only makes sense that he would be back. And for the most part, they try to justify many of the assumptions one has to make for this one since the first film. For example, why is this one in New it turns out he was born there on a plantation and for some reason his ashes are scattered in Chicago as is stated in the first film. Okay, I guess I can go with that...doesn't quite make sense but what the hell. Or why does he suddenly decide he is going to actually show up and kill people when his name is said five times in a mirror? I had the feeling in the first film that he only appeared to prevent his arch nemesis from killing him through non belief. I guess, once again, I could make that leap in logic. But these kind of questions pop up again and again throughout the film and is one of the major disappointments for it. They tied the first one in a few times (the opening sequence with the lecture) but for the most part, this film sits on its own. I wish they could have strengthened these threads but whatever.

As a film on its own, this one is pretty decent. Some odd moments for the leading lady and her acting job tend to undermine lots of the better moments (like the awesome double sided message as she watches the Christian marchers go by) but Tony Todd comes in and does some more bad ass things as our evil rumor in the flesh and most of the supporting cast is pretty tight. I wanted the film to give our two cops more depth (in particular our lead female detective) as the film tends to drop them more often then not and use them as plot devices. I could have also done without some of the odd sound choices in the film. I laughed at all the jump scares because of the ridiculously out of place squeals and shrieks of music that came out of the speakers. So there are moments that needed work.

Overall, I did enjoy the story (although once again some of it tended to disagree with how the first film ended and went about itself) and there were some great moments with solid directing and very cool shots of Candyman's appearances and what not. Unfortunately, "Farewell To The Flesh" tended to be a little un-fleshed when it came down to it and it hurt its overall performance as a film. Could have been great with a bit more time and detail. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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