Friday, January 22, 2010

Blood And Bone - 2.5/5

Modern cinema has a lot going for it. But something that it has truly lacked since the early 90s is a few 'true' Action film stars. Granted in the last few years Jason Statham has picked up the slack and has been putting out some ridiculously awesome bad Action films, but he can't do it all. The man in this film, "Blood And Bone", Mr. Jai White does have the potential though and this film shows it.

Is this a great film? By all means no. It's cliche most of the time, the writing is hit or miss, our villain is far too over the top to actually be menacing, and even some of the choreography is a little shoddy. It's hard to deny though that "Blood And Bone" has a streak of charm to it that made me enjoy my time with the film. That has to count for something right?

Michael Jai White plays an ex con who decides to run up a big tab of ass kicking on the street fights of LA when he gets out of prison. He quickly runs up the ranks to find one of the big boys (our film villain of course!) running the show. Of course, our hero isn't actually some hot shot beating he is a wandering man of justice that lives up to that of certain Eastern legends, and has made a promise to take down our man in the suit and save a damsel in distress and her lost son.

Once again we have a film about a badass with a heart. Not quite the anti-hero I usually love, but damn, the idea of a walk-a-bout ass kicker whom keeps his word and can (with some slight planning, a little luck, and a brilliant chess game) single handedly topple some organized crime gets my boat floating. Yeah, White is pretty awful as an actor, we are left with WAY too many questions about his character, and he is rather cocky but that's okay. I still root for him and his bumbling dirty mouthed side kick.

So the story itself has been done to death, and lackluster acting, and even some rather hit or miss martial arts choreography might make this a rainy Sunday afternoon rental but I thought it was worth the one watch at least. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider


  1. Fun punchfighter. Michael Jai White has some killer moves. Didn't like some of the CGI blood in it though.

  2. Great review. Thanks