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Attack on Titan (2013) ep. 1-25

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Welcome to another review from yours truly. This time around I embark on an impossible journey to the not so distant future where humanity has been all but destroyed. In a world where giant naked Titans run about devouring people like snacks for no apparent reason other than it's fun! So tighten up those boot laces and march along with me as I try to sum up this series in just a million words or less.

 Centuries ago our world was destroyed by Titans so we the people decided what better way to protect ourselves then to build some very large walls to surround ourselves with and keep the Titans out. All well and good until a giant Titan suddenly appears one day to knock a hole through one of the walls. This of course was problematic for civilization as the Titans began to enter the city for a feeding frenzy. Enter our hero Eren Yeager. Eren always dreamed of going outside the walls, to explore the other world and maybe one day join the Recon Corp., which is a military type group that explores the outside world and studies Titans. Along with Eren is his "sister" Mikasa. Like Eren's parents she is not receptive to his adventurous ideas, but all this changed on that fateful day when the wall was opened up.  After watching his mother being devoured by a Titan, Eren vowes to destroy all Titans.  It is his anger fueled passion that drives his decision to join the military in hopes of one day joining The Survey Corp.  An elite military group hell bent on destroying these Titans. This is no easy task as one can imagine. The Survey Corp. is pretty much the front line for this war on Titans and joining such a team is all but certain death.
Wanna know where the rest of my sword is?

 From the opening gut wrenching scenes all the way through out, this anime series will punch you in the face with non stop action. Its a revenge driven story for sure with a ton of story to tell. From our lead characters to lesser characters that still stand out among the masses, we get to see many views. There is more than adequate twists and turns to keep the viewers interested. This series came to me full of excitement. From  message boards across the internet to every anime and manga magazine hyping it up. The first time I saw the poster I was intrigued. After watching episode one I was hooked, I mean addicted.
Waiting for each new episode to hit Crunchyroll was painful. Often times I felt like a child a week before Christmas and a tree full of gifts just waiting to be opened. Could it be that "Attack on Titan" is the best anime of 2013?  Let me break it down for ya. You want action? Done and done. You want a hero that is slightly weaker than the rest with a tendacy to whine too much. Okay so Eren isn't your typical anime hero and that's just fine by me. How about stunning visual appeal? Yes! The action scenes are terrific. While the character design isn't glowing with greatness, it is certainly better than the source material. It has a unique feel to it, which really grew on me.

What would you say to a bit of drama and comedy mixed in with your action? Can I get a collective HECK YES PLEASE! It seemed like each episode ended with a punch to the gut cliffhanger that left me holding my breathe and begging for Saturday to arrive. Finally, how do you feel about strong story and great characters? All of these things are the reason I believe "Attack on Titan" is the top anime series of 2013. Here's to holding my breathe til season 2 arrives!
Sweet! Party at the wall. Bring a friend.
To wrap up this review I will say "Attack on Titan" is one of the finest series out there right now. It has such a great feel to it both in story and in animation. The music score is pretty great as well, it fits the show.  With that I say buy yourself a copy as soon as it streets or watch it on Funimation or Crunchyroll . I give "Attack on Titan":
Written By John Price

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