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Occult Academy (2012)

Let the witching hour begin!
Hello people of the internet! I have been a busy little beaver of late and I am bring you another anime review.

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Synopsis- In the year 1999, our leading lady Maya has returned to the Waldstein Academy (aka Occult Academy) to attend the funeral of her father. During said funeral, her father's corpse returns possessed by a spirit. Mood wrecker! After this little situation new school principle Maya decides the best thing to do is shut the school down. Only to have her plans stalled by a naked man falling out of the sky and right into her life. Bringing with him news of death and destruction from 2012 where the world has been overrun by aliens. At this point he begs her to help him find the Nostradamus Key and save all man kind.
She's an angel with a crossbow!!
Review - My first thoughts were 'wow a character named Maya a story based on the end of the world in 2012.' I chuckled to myself, but still felt the need to share this thought.  I will start with the animation which is clean and very appealing to the eyes. All the action scenes are very well done including the crazy magic battles.  I think viewers will agree with me here.

As for the story it plays out very similar to older TV shows like "X-Files" or "Scooby-Doo." Well not as silly or over the top like "Scooby-Doo," but similar.  As in most of the side story episodes involve Maya and the gang solving a mystery of sorts. Then it's bam!  Right back to the main plot which is saving the world. I really enjoyed a lot of the ways the writers incorporated different occult things into the series. Such as using a pack of chupacabras to try and stop the gang on one of their hunts for the Key.

Maya is a strong character, very smart, and a no nonsense kind of gal which makes for some great scenes with her male counterpart Uchida. Whom by all rights is quite the opposite of characters. Throw in the mix several side characters that add some uniqueness to the show. I think the cast is well done and the voice acting is pretty decent.
AW! The old twisted twister.

Final thoughts - If you are interested in the occult and looking for a solid anime series then I can say check this one out. Only 13 episodes long  and for the most part each episode holds it own in the series. Episodes 11-12 switched a gear a bit and offered up some stuff that was not seen throughout any of the others. Like most series, this one isn't perfect either. It's got a weak plot and while most of the characters are fun, they not the strongest. Maya is a lovable character and holds her own during the entire series though. She is classy, intelligent, strong willed, and determined. Uchida is funny in his own way. Quirky and awkward, but in a fun way.

I want to wrap this up with this. "Occult Academy" is enjoyable from many points. It offers a lot to many different kinds of viewers. I strongly recommend this series and if you are a collector of figurines as there is a very nice one of Maya out there. Remember kids keep watching anime. Until next time. I give "Occult Academy" a glowing:
Written By John Price

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