Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mutant Chronicles (2009)

I wouldn't call them high hopes for this film, but I definitely had some awesome expectations of it. Come on, Sci-Fi film about a religious leader and soldier that go head to head with an alien machine that transforms people into mutants?! Why the hell not! With the likes of Ron Perlman and Tom Jane on the roster there wasn't any way that I wasn't going to see this!

Unfortunately, this isn't at all what I expected. Done in a style very similar to "Sin City" or "The Spirit", this film has an interesting look to it (despite mostly drab coloring schemes and some really poor CGI gore) and the style of directing that made me feel as though I was watching a live acting comic book. Lots of interesting aspects to the film made it enjoyable as a day-off-by-myself-dazing kind of viewing but in the end it was still a 'style over substance' sort of film.

It had some awesome bad moments (some of Tom Jane's one liners are priceless like "I don't get paid to believe. I get paid to fuck shit up." or something to the like) but overall the plot hole ridden story and the absolute bare of essential character depth rids this film of ever pulling in the viewer. The story is so large that without a massive budget or clever writing that I don't know if it could have ever been anything more than a bad film. Good ideas, poor execution.

I wish this film could have been awesome and it had the ambition to do so but lack of thought through elements made it laughable bad at times. Too bad really as it had potential. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider 

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