Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Voices - 2.5/5

What we have here is a classic case of unfocused film work. Which is sad really considering that if the story could have straightened itself out a bit more and focused on the journey towards the conclusion instead of odd red herrings and off beat moments, then this would have been one pretty awesome movie.

As it is, this film has some pretty solid acting and strong visual presence and attack. On these two elements this film is probably sitting at a 4 or 4.5 out of 5 instead of 2.5. Conceptually the story is very interesting as this young woman slips into an ever increasing paranoid state of being where all of her family and friends want her dead. This in itself is a clever take on the 'duel personality' twist that so many films use, but the film tends to bog down the story with useless back story and odd tangents.

For example, we get this family tree sort of this where the young girl goes off to visit an old friend (or family member I suppose I never could figure it out). This section of the film was interesting on its own with the story of the young man and his wife, but in the context of the film it was practically irrelevant to anything in the story except for paranoia and to show her interactions with her 'mysterious' friend. Otherwise it was pointless and a waste of film and time. It was beautifully told and shot but completely off the map according to the story. The same goes with the supernatural elements. What the fuck is that red gooey person and why do they show up? Visually, its bad ass but again completely irrelevant to the story and never explained.

This odd flow of film and lack of attention to moving the story forward made this film a lot worse then it should have. With the talented actors and talented eye of the director this should have been a very impressive film, but alas, it comes off as being misguided and meandering. It's a shame really as it had so much potential. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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