Sunday, September 20, 2009

Spirit, The - 2.5/5

"I'm gonna kill you all kinds of dead." - The Spirit

Perhaps I'm just a sucker for bad movies that know they are ridiculous, but I loved this movie. Of course, as I'm sure most of you have heard by now - "The Spirit" is not a good movie. Far from it actually. There are massive loop holes in story, the acting is over the top (thanks to Mr. Jackson for the majority of the film), and comic approach to its filming is even above and beyond outrageous. But it all accumulates into an experience of shear absurdity that I found myself smiling the entire film and laughing openly at moments.

Despite the film understanding that it is just completely out there and embracing the fact that it didn't have to 'make sense' all of the time there are some pretty hefty flaws that bring it down. The flow of the film is very chunky in it's presentation and there are massive jumps that will come from left field. At first I was very hesitant at this but eventually I just accepted the fact that this film was going to go this way and it was fine then. Also, there is a mixture of humor and action that doesn't always work. The scene with The Spirit hanging from the building was an exercise in "what the fuck" moments and didn't really work for me. But for the most part one just has to except that this film isn't meant to blow people away. And all of these flaws don't look so abysmal.

If you like comic book movies, just make sure that you don't go into this one thinking its going to be serious and deep. It has some moments of that nature but overall just have fun and enjoy your 2 hours of ridiculousness. I found it fun just to watch The Spirit and Octopus banter - which is actually the majority of the film. So sit back, and leave reality for a few moments and take "The Spirit" in. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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