Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lake Dead - 1.5/5

"That's how you fuck family" - John Lake

This is the last of the 2nd series of '8 Films To Die For' for me to watch and what a hell of a way to end it. This is perhaps the worst of the bunch (its neck and neck with "Nightmare Man") as its pretty much a blatant rip off off of a solid handful of better slasher films out there.

The story revolves around some sisters that inherit a Lake Motel (clever name!) when their Grandfather passes away. And by passes away I mean gets shot in the face with a shotgun in an intro that is both horribly acted and has pretty poor special effects. Of course, this intro is just a nice dabble of the shit to come in this one, and while the story and characters that come next might make you think your about to watch a somewhat decent low budge Horror film, in reality it just rips on some classics and ends up spinning uncontrollably into a tale spin of disastrous proportions.

Honestly, this is awful acting (particularly by the secondary characters like Bill and that random female friend that tags along just for the film to have some nudity and a random forest sex scene) that tries to pull a sub-par script out from a sink hole of a film. The story is your basic 'incest driven hillbilly slasher family' that's been done a billion times before and a billion and one times better, and nothing sans some interesting camera shots saves this from being a complete waste of my time. Hell, half the time the story didn't even make sense and the stupidity of the script (really? A fucking twisted ankle and your down for the count?!) made me feel as though they thought I was as dumb as the 2 Leatherface knock offs characters named Cain and Abel. Yeah, seriously. Cain and Abel. I know.

I could really just tear this one apart at the seams if I wanted to but I'm done with it. I'm going to post my review and then I'm going to forget I saw this at all. Blank my memory of this work of shit. This is just a warning for those of you out there that are interested. DON'T BE. 

Written By Matt Reifschneider

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