Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Veronica Mars (2014)

Guess who's back, back again!
Director: Rob Thomas
Starring: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni

Synopsis- Years have passed since Veronica Mars said goodbye to her life as a teenage private-eye. Now once again she is sucked back into her old life and forced to face her old flame. Her arrival just happens to land at the same time as her class reunion and her on again off again lover Logan Echolls is in the middle of a murder mystery. Welcome back to Neptune High, Veronica!
Spy games 2?
Review - Brought to us with help of  Kickstarter, "Veronica Mars" is one of the first films to garner such a huge crowdfunded investment. Thusly bringing light to and opening doors for more to follow. Reprising her role as Veronica is Kristen Bell who has seen some big screen success since the end of the TV series. It truly felt like she didn't miss a beat. Now I must admit I only watched bits and pieces of the 3 seasons of the show. I felt compelled to watch this film based solely on the "cult" following that the TV show has obtained. Going into this, I was really unsure how the film would work out. Especially  for someone with so little exposure to the source material. Lucky for me it turned out to be an easy lead-in. Viewers were given simple enough back story to get the gist of what had happened in the past. You can quickly pick up on the different relationships that are offered up throughout the film. As for the story itself, I feel it was a solid piece to add to the whole pie. Clever and funny at times, shrouded in mystery mixed with a drop of suspense. I can see why this series is so beloved. The group of characters are lovable and seem to mesh very well together on screen. After wrapping up my viewing I did feel compelled to start watching the series which I have since finished a large portion of. The biggest draw back for me with the film is, of course, the not so tidy wrap up. As a new fan of the show I am now hopelessly wanting for more. The  film has a lot to offer casual viewers and die hard fans alike. Given how dedicated the following is with "Veronica Mars" I think the director and writing team were able to put together a very nice piece of work. Certainly helped out by getting the original cast together. Chemistry between the actors is clear on this film.

Gang is all here!
After a lot of time reflecting on this review, I think this film is a fitting end to "Veronica Mars". Personally I don't know of a better ending that could have been done. Final thoughts are that it is simply a well rounded film. One that I believe most fans of the show will enjoy for years to come. I will finish with giving "Veronica Mars" a solid:
Written By John Price

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