Wild East Productions Inc.
A fantastic independent company that specializes in releasing various cult Italian genre films including Spaghetti Westerns, Euro Crime, Macaroni Combat and Peplum.

Plausible Denial Productions
A great company that helped Eric hunt down rare DVDs of "Violent Naples", "Rome Armed to the Teeth" and "The Cynic the Rat and the Fist." Contact them if you want those DVDs and tell 'em 'Blood Brothers' sent ya!

Code Red Releasing

One of the leading independent companies still releasing Cult classics on DVD.

Dragon Dynasty
A great way to find some kung fu and/or Eastern film classics here in the US. Although their output isn't as regular as it once was, they usually release some great versions of these films for both DVD and Blu Ray.

Well Go USA
A modern film company who has been releasing many great foreign films for great prices here in the US. They also happen to feed our Donnie Yen addiction. 

The Metal Observer
Matt Reifschneider, the creator of this blog, also writes heavy metal music reviews for the renowned website The Metal Observer.

A link to Eric Reifschneider's profile on Invelos, a wonderful software company that has a terrific DVD library program to keep anyone's collections organized.

Eric's DVD Collection on Invelos
This is a list of Eric's DVD and Blu-ray collection. See what he owns... and request a review! Don't hesitate to give him shit about owning certain movies.

Eric's Film Aficionado profile
Matt's Film Aficionado profile
Another great and FREE website to list all your DVDs and Blu-Rays in your collection

Eric's DVD/Blu-ray Collection on Film Aficionado
Matt's DVD/Blu-ray Collection on Film Aficionado
Another list of our collection

Eric's Youtube Channel
Check out Eric's geeky youtube page with plenty of videos of his DVD collection, DVD reviews and various opinions.